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To directly enter Sandbox Mode, press the button below. Sessions last two hours. To decode files to the provided Oracle connection, you can copy the files located within the seed folder at /opt/serenedi/seed to the Oracle pipelines located at /opt/serenedi/pipelines/011_EDIToOracleBIN/01_in_edi and /opt/serenedi/pipelines/012_EDIToOracleHDB/01_in_edi, then launch SQL Developer to connect to the Oracle database defined within the 'Endpoints' tab on the middle-left of the serenediStudio interface. The Sandbox version is homed on an instance of MS SQL Express, unlike the Oracle OCI version. You can view the distribution tables with the included Azure Data Studio.

Note that after the two-hour expiration, the Virtual Machine is completely reset.

Please allow a few seconds for the VM to be provisioned after pressing the Enter Sandbox VM button below..

SERENEDI On-Premises Evaluation

Fill out the form below, select the blue "Request Full Evaluation", agree to the terms and conditions, and please allow for a full business day for us to process your request, after which we will send you an EMail containing SecureFTP login information for you to retrieve your evaluation build. During the next 30 days, you may E-Mail us at for full product support. Please use your valid corporate domain E-Mail address in the form.

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